Christ's charge to Peter

St Peter's, Hatfield

St Peter's Catholic Church,
Bishop's Rise, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. AL10 9HN

Parish Finance

Where does the money come from and go to?

St. Peter’s depends entirely on parishioners’ Sunday offerings. A third of this amount goes immediately to Westminster Diocese to pay for the Bishops, Catholic schools and the other Catholic agencies, chaplaincies and organisations. The remaining money is needed to pay for the priests, the utility bills for the church, hall and house, the cost of repairs and maintenance, insurance, the expenses of the services and various programmes, and the many other daily bills. In recent years the amount given has covered our expenses – but not with much to spare. It would be good if we were able to contribute more fully to evangelisation and the mission of the Church locally and internationally.


Parish accounts are prepared each year. These are presented to the annual parish meeting and a copy is available on the notice board.


How can I help?  

We are very grateful to all those who already give generously to the parish. Obviously, no one should give more than they can afford, but we need to be realistic about our level of giving and to review this regularly.


As a charity, the parish can recover the income tax paid by parishioners on their donations. This is extremely important. It enables the parish to recover several thousand pounds from the taxman each year – at no extra cost to you. For example if a parishioner who pays income tax gives £10 per week then the parish can claim back £2.50 which has already been paid by the parishioner. Over a congregation of several hundred people that mounts up and we cannot afford not to make full use of this scheme.


To enable us to reclaim the tax, you need only follow the simple steps below :

  1. You must pay UK income tax. (We can’t reclaim tax if you haven’t paid it in the first place.)
  2. You must sign a Gift Aid Form. This covers any donation you then make to St. Peter’s.
  3. We must be able to verify the amount you give. That means you must give (cash or a cheque) through the envelope system or by standing order.


For further information about Gift Aid Forms, the envelope system or standing orders, please speak to Pat Malsher (tel. : 01707 265530), who looks after planned giving for the parish.  


A Legacy to the Church

Another way of giving to the Church is under the terms of your will. It is important we plan for what we want to happen to our money and belongings after our death to ensure they go where we want. Obviously, you should first of all make sure your family and dependants are provided for. However, you may then wish to consider making a legacy to a charity, including the parish. (These gifts are not subject to Inheritance Tax.) For further information about how to benefit St. Peter’s under your will you can speak to the Legacy Advisory Service at the Diocesan Finance Office (tel. 020 7798 9002). You should then ask a solicitor to prepare the will for you. 


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